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jueves, 28 de julio de 2011

La Belle Personne (2008)

-I'm not ashamed to talk frankly. I thought that's one thing you liked about me. My openness.
Imagining you could no longer love me is far worse for me than what you call the rules I set for myself. I know we're two people, and so like anyone we could be together. But for how long? If we're two ordinary people, how long will our love last? Eternal love doesn't exist, not even in books. So loving means for a finite time. There'd be no miracle for us, we're no different to anyone else. If I give myself to you, you'll go off.

-You don't trust me much, then.

-I'm not a fool. You're handsome. Everyone likes you. You've known a lot of women. I've met at least two of them. As with them, one day you'll leave to love another that you find more pleasing. And I won't survive. Not to mention the jealousy. Perhaps I'd be able to endure my sadness, others do.

-It won't work, Junie. You can't hold out alone against our love. Because I'm armed. And I'm not going to let you do it.

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